Kyle’s Spork Video

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Kyle has a new side project: Spork

Here is the debut music video.

Happy Mother’s Day 2014

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I tried to make a cute video of the kids for Kate:

Kyle’s Ukulele Project

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Kyle is recording a ukulele project. Check it out and be a part of it.

You can listen to the song “Fanny Pack” and join in the ukulele revolution.

Pictures August-November 2013

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Check out some pictures that I took with my camera








Fortnight for Freedom

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On July 2nd, Kate gave this speech at the Cathedral steps as part of the “Fortnight for Freedom.” She was talking about how the physician is affected by the HHS mandate, specifically in regards to begining of life issues.

The following is the transcript of that speech.

Thank you for that introduction. Yes, I am a family physician who also practices obstetrics just down the road in Decatur, IN – but more importantly, I am blessed to have an amazing husband and to be the mother of two boys here and one soul in heaven.

Last week, my husband and I found a few moments to have a date night. We don’t normally go out to the movies, but were persuaded to see the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel.” There are many Christian parallels and at one point, Superman’s father reminds him of humanity’s many weaknesses. He tells his son, “One day you will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you…In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.”

Jesus gives us the ideal of true charity and devotion to strive towards. And in today’s political climate, there have been and will be times that we will stumble and struggle, but we must have our Lord’s courage and boldness to continue to practice our Catholic faith, in spite of persecution. Although there are an increasing number of personal risks to living out our beliefs in the workplace, schools, and hospitals, we are called to remain faithful and to prayerfully imitate Christ no matter the situation. At this very moment our religious freedom is under attack and there will be more difficult times ahead, but we must persevere and even if we fall– with His help, we will accomplish wonders.

One such attack is the HHS mandate that requires insurance policies cover specific “preventative services” to employees. The federal government has the viewpoint that pregnancy is a disease and thus needs to be prevented. They equate abortion, abortifacient drugs, and contraceptives, to mammograms which screen for breast cancer, or colonoscopies which screen for colon cancer.

The government sees pregnancy as a costly disease, they see abortion (which is mostly carried out by Planned Parenthood) as the solution. They see choosing life as a burdensome cost on society. And conversely, the evaluation and treatment of infertility – a true disease state – is not covered under the HHS mandate. Our federal and state governments have reduced reproduction and the individual human life to a monetary value, if it is not profitable then it is expendable.

As a mother I find this offensive and as a physician, I am ashamed of how our professional medical community has allowed culture and it’s puppet media to re-define disease, and when life begins. It is easier for a society to dismiss and dispose of something if he has not yet implanted, or does not yet have a heartbeat, or is not yet able to breath on his own. We know that life begins at conception. At this moment God is present and chromosomes are united together in the new creation of a unique human being. We must not let our culture persuade us to think otherwise. It is imperative to remind those around us that by whatever method, if its intention is to to harm the infant in the womb — we are wholeheartedly opposed to and will not participate in it’s distribution. Where we see life, many of our state and federal officials do not. Where they see enforcing unrestricted access to abortion and abortifacient drugs as progress, we, as physicians and business owners, see our right to living out our faith being violated.

As a woman, I feel lied to, betrayed, and victimized by this legislation, the culture of death that surrounds us, and the media that hides the truth – which we are entitled to hear. The HHS mandate is just one more vehicle that allows young girls to believe that casual sex is unavoidable, that pregnancies are a mistake, and babies are burdens too heavy to bear.

As a society we are battling against the fall-out of a sexual liberation that started generations ago. In today’s sex education classes, girls and boys as early as the 5th grade are advised to explore their sexuality, and many are given condoms. They are encouraged to seek guidance and resources – not from their parents but from Planned Parenthood. By the age of 12-13 years old, most adolescent females have already been advised or forced onto birth control. From my experience, when I ask girls, “why did you start being sexually active in the first place?” the majority respond that they were on birth control out of parental fear of an unwanted pregnancy or for other reasons such as acne, PMS, or heavy periods (all of which can be accomplished using natural means through NaPro Technology).

FOR-PROFIT organizations like Planned Parenthood, capitalize on this opportunity. Contraception promotes promiscuity, therefore, artificial birth control becomes an investment. As the dependency on these ineffective methods of birth control rises and its distribution increases, the number of unwanted pregnancies also increases. These unborn babies from a failed birth control method, are victims of and profit for venues like Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills. These undesired pregnancies are a marketplace that is now being funded and promoted by our federal government. In this age of being one of the most physically wealthy countries in the world, we are poor in charity towards the most helpless of our citizens. As Blessed Mother Teresa said during her visit to the United States, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” As physicians, entrusted with the health and safety of all our patients, we must endure whatever the penalty to avoid even the smallest fraction of association with killing the unborn.

The onslaught of the defenseless unborn child continues in other ways. For many years now, physicians have been mandated to offer screening for Down Syndrome when the unborn infant is between 16-18 weeks old. Currently, nearly 90% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted in utero. And just this year, a new blood test is being promoted that can be done as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy that can tell the child’s gender, and from this same test, parents are now given a screening result for Down Syndrome. For parents unaccepting of these children, this testing will continue to increase the elimination of Down Syndrome infants. Now that gender specific abortions are allowed under recently passed legislation, parents who do not want a Down’s baby or prefer not to have a girl baby will have less difficulty aborting their child in the first trimester than before.

We are at the top of a slippery slope, we have been put there by our morally-aluf government. We are becoming like the city of Sparta who eliminated their less-than-beautiful and weak offspring, and now nothing remains of them. We must clearly defend our sacred Doctrine of life. Every human being from their conception has value and purpose – as physicians, counseling our patients, we need to be compassionate and encourage our patients to choose life. As per our namesake, Good Servant Dr. Jerome Lejeune – “The quality of a civilization can be measured by the respect it has for its weakest members. There is no other criterion.”

In many states, young girls do not need any parental consent for having an abortion. Nor can her physician, in many cases, inform the parents of her high-risk sexual behavior. And, just recently, a ruling was made in favor of distributing emergency contraception in pharmacies without needing a physician’s prescription or parental consent. Once again, physicians have been removed from their duty as ambassadors of health. We must continue to speak out against this licit attitude that sex is casual and that our human bodies are disposable. It is the great task before us Catholic physicians, when the rest of society is telling our patients lies about their human sexuality, we must uphold Christ’s teaching and emphasize the uniqueness of man and woman. And despite unlawful persecution, physicians must emphasize the purity and sanctifying graces that only come with sex between husband and wife.

Currently, medical professionals, like myself, who are unwilling to prescribe contraception, abortifacient drugs, and permanent sterilizations, have no protection to do so. We are told that our faith and morals don’t matter. Daily, I work with young, single mothers that have been told the only option to succeed in life after having their child is medical or surgical sterilization. Yet, Jesus’ message is different. I choose to believe that there is an entirely better option that brings redemption to many of their life circumstances and dignifies their whole personhood than to simply neutralize their fertility. In many cases, this means abstinence and intense social support with community resources to help them overcome their struggles. This includes weekly phone calls and frequent office visits, both of which ObamaCare, literally doesn’t endorse or reimburse.

I and others are scrutinized by fellow colleagues, who ridicule our Catholic conviction, and our unwillingness to comply with the contraceptive mentality. We must be fearless, we must remember that we are fighting for women, children, families, marriages, and Jesus says, “Blessed are those who are persecuted in my name.”

These women and their families can and will succeed, but they need love and consistent support from their physician and others in the community. Unfortunately, the HHS mandate could force myself and other physicians out of practice for refusing to provide contraception, abortion, and sterilization. This religious persecution is becoming more prevalent in medical schools and training institutions where students are inundated with secular views on abortion and contraception and penalized for having life-affirming views. I had a director who was supportive of my beliefs, but my experience was unique. We must encourage our next generation of physicians. For if fewer morally sound physicians complete their medical training, this will affect the men, women and children who need exposed to this message of Love and Truth the most.

Like I have said earlier, the Obama administration sees the HHS mandate and the “Affordable Care Act” as a necessary evolution in healthcare, but we cannot and will not support this legislation that persecutes and opposes the very core of our Catholic existence. Just as Superman is about to be defeated by the villain, she says to him, “You have a sense of morality, and we do not. And that gives us an evolutionary advantage. And if there is one thing that history teaches us, it’s that Evolution always wins.” But in the movie’s end, evil does NOT win. And Superman is triumphant without compromising his morality. Our faith is not our weakness, it is our greatest strength. Let us pray that we have the courage and fortitude to defend our pursuit of “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” against all religious persecution.

2012 Photos

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Not a bunch, but here are a few.

December Photos

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Posted some more pictures. Here are the links to our Google+ photos.

December boys

Stroup Christmas in Columbia City

Heimann Christmas in Decatur

Or, if you prefer, here are Snapfish or Shutterfly links to all the photos.

Pap Horse Smile

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Photos Added – Francis and Sebastian

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So, apparently, everyone has a different way that they like to see digital photos, so here are the links. Click the one that you like best.

The Baptism of Francis: 10/16/2011


Sebastian and Francis: October/November 2011

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  • And the winner is….

    posted on October 11, 2011 by Kyle  

    Many people entered. Only one would win. The winner chooses the “Unofficial second middle name” which has to be named after a Saint.

    Francis John Heimann was born on 10/10 weighing 6 lbs 14.7 oz and measuring 21 inches long.

    You remember the rules:
    1: Guess the gender. If you are wrong you are out.
    2: Guess the birth date. Closest 5 advance.
    3: Closest weight wins.
    4. Tie breaker. Length.

    So, the 5 male guesses with the closest dates were actually the closest 3 and a 6-way tie for the next spots:
    Cory Heimann 10/9
    Uncle Jeff 10/9
    Tony Laschon 10/9
    Brendan 10/8
    Christie Collins 10/8
    Ty Heimann 10/8
    Orin Johnson 10/8
    Erin Maloney 10/8
    Crystal Star Bird 10/8

    And the closest weight of those 9: Crystal with 7lbs, 1oz and so I am VERY happy to announce to you:
    Francis John “Damien” Heimann!

    St. Damien of Molokai had an awesome beard and a cool ministry to people with leprosy. And a different St. Damien, along with his twin brother, St. Cosmas, were physicians who accepted no payment for services and the result of their charity was bringing many to Christ.

    Both are great Saints and will give Francis (or Frank or Paco) great role models. And Crystal also gave us great advice on cloth diapers!

    Nice try to everyone that lost. Nicest try to Crystal.

    Francis 10 hours old

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