Lots of water – not much safe water

posted on May 29, 2008 by Kyle  

So my final trip into the Selva (Jungle) was really quite awesome. I had Efran as my main guide who is part of the ShiwaKucha Community (of the Quicha tribe) and his father helped with filling in the historical parts to all the stories, traditions, and ceremonies.

Not only did we hike thru the jungle along El Camino del Abuelo (Grandfather’s Road), we caught fish in the Napo river, built protective palm branch huts during a torrential downpour, and collected an assortment of medicinal plants.

Efran, in his former career as a Environmental-Indigenous Rights Protestor (internationally renowned), has fought for regulation against logging companies and oil exploration entering his people’s land. There has been serious devastation to the northern part of Ecuador’s rainforest, rivers are polluted and villages have no clean water for drinking or bathing. Thanks to Efran and others’ protests, this indigenous community is still able to live off Mother Nature in peace. We are so blessed to have clean water to drink… I think that I tend to forget that all too often.


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  1. sarah says:

    this was very helpful as we are doing a case study on the quicha people at school and it was helpful to hear your personal experiences thank you x